VASS Lawyers litigation and public procurement team sets another important precedent concerning free access to information of public interest, with direct reference to the use of public funds by authorities or state institutions.

As the legal representative of an economic operator, VASS Lawyers challenged the decision of APA CANAL SA GALAŢI to not disclose public information concerning the procurement contract “Extension and rehabilitation of water and wastewater in Tecuci and Targu Bujor, including rehabilitation of wells in Galati”, awarded on November 4th, 2013, for 64,600,005.97 RON excluding VAT.

VASS Lawyers argued before the competent court of law the fundamental right of every natural or legal person to access information on the use of public funds by the contracting authorities. Bacau Court upheld the law firm’s request and requested APA CANAL SA GALAŢI to communicate the qualification documents, technical and financial offers submitted by the successful bidder and the public procurement contract signed with it.

The favourable decision obtained by VASS Lawyers is an important step in efforts to increase transparency in public procurement and, automatically, the efficiency with which public funds are managed.

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