We understand the importance of public procurement and public-private partnership projects in the development of Romanian or international organization. In this context, we aim to present a comprehensive overview of the public procurement legislation in Romania to all those interested in this field.

The guide was drafted by the VASS Lawyers public procurement team, based on our extensive experience in this field. However, please note that the guide was not intended to provide legal assistance, but rather basic information and knowledge for anyone interested in tendering for public
procurement contracts in Romania.

Considering the fact that public procurement legislation is constantly changing, we underline the fact that the guide is based on the legislation in force on 24th of November 2014. The guide will be revised and updated on our website – www.vasslawyers.eu – and on our public procurement blog – www.avocatachizitii-publice.ro.

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Legal Guide Romania_Public Procurement and PPP

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